Manufacturing industry processes at present is undergoing a lot of effort towards outsourcing with evolution of technology. This helps them manage the cost and competition. Manufacturing industries share a lot of design & production layouts to the offshore companies presenting them a high risk to exposure to collaborate across networks and have become essential for most of the manufacturing units.
Most manufacturing industries have poor workflows over their waste management strategies.

What we offer:

  • Digital Sense helps all the manufacturing companies through its diversified a varied experience in manufacturing industries.
  • Corporate IT structure to benefit these manufacturing industries
  • Manufacturing industry has to mange cash flow for efficient Accounting & Finances
  • For multiple department ERP based management
  • Analytics & Estimation for the budget of Purchase and finance team
  • Manufacturing process management, production cycle, bottle-neck reporting of the manufacturing line
  • Waste management protocols
  • Delivery targets and schedule management

We have multiple clients in Asian markets through our associates who have achieved a consistent increase in revenue through different projects executed.

We have established a lead role in pioneering various manufacturing industries & companies across various lines as Business, Industrial domains, Mechanical, Automobiles, Production Domain, Aerospace, Investing & technology for profitability of our client is our key goal.