Content Management System

Content management system (CMS) is a tool for managing, creating and modificating digital content. The tool provides features like Web-based publishing, text format management, history editing and version control, indexing, search and retrieval. Content management systems support the separation of content and preparation.

We have come across clients who often find difficult to change and manage large amounts of content and publish. At Digital Sense we offer Content Management Framework applications which can be scaled to accommodate small, medium or large scale enterprises. This comprehensive application offers a complete set of modules and high performance architecture which can accommodate all kinds of custom solutions and extensions. A user friendly application which allows the developers to produce and manage sophisticated web pages with few clicks. It’s flexibility allows you to increase or limit the access to any user or user groups by defining who can view the data, likewise which group can edit, add or publish the content.

The development solutions provided by Digital Sense helps you to manage many websites simultaneously, which helps you streamline your business needs and requirements.

Partner with Digital Sense to help turn every opportunity into profitability.

Silent features of CMS developed by us are:

  • Its an open source system
  • Allows you to manage images, pictures and text requiring no technical
  • AbilityWritten in PHP and the database is managed by MySQL
  • Can be managed by Oracle, Postgre SQL
  • Compatible with operating systems such as MAC, Windows, UNIX and Linux